• 15 Nov 2011

    Harry Potter fail

    Good old Alan Rickman taking some flack! Love it... by Sam
  • 15 Nov 2011

    Our top 10 funny animals!

    If you have nothing better to do then YouTube can provide some amazing comedy gold, just by searching for "funny animals".  Believe it or not I've seen a lot of these videos over the years so thought I would put together the Don&... by Sam
  • 31 Oct 2011

    Deion Sanders comedy gold!

    I'm on the corner of 21st and Prime.. Oh wait actually I'm in Oxford Now Deion Sanders was without question one of the best cornerbacks to play in the NFL, but he is also known for being somewhat excentric, over the top and a bit ridiculous... by Sam
  • 31 Oct 2011

    Michael Jackson - Thriller.. The best Halloween song ever?!

    Is this the best Halloween song ever? We'd say so! Now MJ may have been a bit of a nutter and perhaps he had a slightly obsessive fixation with Macaulay Culkin. BUT... BUT.. He could sing, he could dancer like no other and god damn it he mad... by Sam
  • 23 Oct 2011

    The Avengers trailer!

    How have I only just seen this?!?! I managed to go 11 days before I found this bad boy! Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and Samuel L Jackson talking smack whilst wearing an eye patch. Fuck yes... by Sam
  • 18 Oct 2011

    Bricks of War! Lego Gears of War Animation

    Animation team Kooberz Studios figured, you know, all LEGO ever cover is kid's franchises. There's never anything with real gore in it. So they whipped up their own LEGO Gears of War video. And it's pretty great. Clocking in at just u... by Worzy
  • 15 Oct 2011

    Brilliant Virgin Media advertising!

    I was sent this at work yesterday after my colleague picked it up on Sir Richard Branson's Twitter feed, which is @richardbranson if you are wondering! Yet again Virgin excel in the advertising department! The person who came up with this is ki... by Sam
  • 08 Oct 2011

    Rugby World Cup 2015 - England XV

    So England are out and we cannot deny that the best team won. Regardless of the result England need to assess their squad after the World Cup and start to lay the foundations for 2015. Something that they failed to do after 2003 and 2007. With th... by Sam
  • 26 Sep 2011

    Mental Dub Step Weetabix Advert

    The last few Weetabix adverts have been obviously very boring, the last one I remember was a man sitting in a deckchair reading the side of a van.  Not so exciting and inventive I think you'll agree. This new product, obviously aimed at th... by Worzy
  • 25 Sep 2011

    The best NFL fan is in New Orleans

    Just saw this fella on NFL game pass and had to screen shot it! Legend What do you think he's looking at? Best idea gets a mention! Yay Sproles scored!... by Sam
  • 21 Sep 2011

    Atomic Pizza opening party!

    Wow so I frequent Atomic Burger a fair bit, it's the ultimate hangover luncheon venue.. But wait there is more! We started to hear whispers a few months ago of a bigger and better venture to tickle our bellies. A pizza joint! Low and behold Mar... by Sam
  • 21 Sep 2011

    Wednesday Song of The Week - Joe Goddard ft. Valentina- Gabriel

    All credit for my discovery of this excellent track has to go to Nick Grimshaw and his late show on Radio 1.. The panda is truly bopping it's head to this colossal tune! Joe Goddard, of Hot Chip and 2 Bears fame, has taken what could be a be... by Sam
  • 09 Sep 2011

    Haka flashmob!

    The best flashmob ever? Quite possibly! As if the New Zealand RFU could have asked for a better free advert before the start of the Rugby World Cup! Not sure who came up with this idea but it is fantastic... I love how it starts with just 5 guys... by Sam
  • 09 Sep 2011

    Elmo gets on Radio 1

    I was driving back to the office from Sussex on Tuesday and was a bit stressed.. But this was literally the best pick me up I could have hoped for on the radio! I love how starstruck Greg James is .. So absolutely brilliant!... by Sam
  • 08 Sep 2011

    Batman uses chat roulette or is it?

    Chat roulette is a strange thing, been on it once and it put me off forever!  But every now and again some comedy genius comes up and does something like this!   Is that...Batman??... by Worzy
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