• 05 Mar 2012

    Monday funday

    Well maybe not. I suppose it depends on what line of work you are in. But nevertheless this is a little something to put a grin on your face and help you through the rest of the week. Hugo Leclercq, or Madeon as he is more commonly know, is a ... by Sam
  • 27 Feb 2012

    The new Ting Tings material is ace!

    Everyone knows songs like "That's Not My Name", "Shut Up And Let Me Go" and "We Walk".. But the new (and I say new but some will argue its not) material is epic! I mean this song has been on YouTube since Octobe... by Sam
  • 31 Jan 2012

    Rejected! Lady snatches Djokovic's shirt from the grasp of a young girl

    So Djokovic continued his dominance in the tennis world last week with his epic final set victory over Nadal.  But instead of showing you any tennis clips we're going to show you this.  Check out the skills of this lady rejecting a youn... by Worzy
  • 27 Jan 2012

    Toulon owner goes on a MASSIVE rant

    So in a week when we find out that England and Lions prop Andrew Sheridan has signed for Toulon after a injury-ridden season at Sale, that should have been the biggest news concerning the wealthy French side. Hang on, that would be too easy.. Th... by Sam
  • 25 Jan 2012

    Wednesday Song of The Week - Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know (ft Kimbra)

    So this is the first Wednesday Song of the Week because I have been super super busy recently. Honestly no excuse! Anyway, this is a quality (if obscure) song from a very talented artist. Wouter "Wally" De Backer is an Australian-Belgi... by Sam
  • 22 Jan 2012

    Sunday tune!

    Rizzle Kicks are all over at the moment following the huge success of 'Down with the Trumpets', 'When I Was a Youngster' and now 'Mama Do the Hump", but on the sly they also do some pretty tasty remixes. They have previousl... by Sam
  • 16 Jan 2012

    Something for a Monday

    It's a Monday, you've probably had a long day after a heavy weekend. You could sit down and watch Prof Brian Cox, but I think you should listen to this instead. It's cold, it's icy and everyone wants to stay in. If you are, then ... by Sam
  • 01 Jan 2012

    The NFL are at it again

    The NFL just can't stop plaxidentally making racist faux pas.... by Sam
  • 04 Dec 2011

    Accidental NFL racism

    No use of the "class act" phrase in this one but the commentator does make a bit of a faux pas. Brilliant... by Sam
  • 30 Nov 2011

    Wednesday Song of The Week - Jay Z & Kayne West (ft. Mr Hudson) - Why I Love You

    This is probably one of the best songs I have selected for SOTW in absolutely ages. And that isn't meant as a negative toward all of the other tunes! Jay Z and Kanye West are probably two of the most well known artists in the hip hop industr... by Sam
  • 30 Nov 2011

    Lonely Island + Michael Bolton = Genius

    I might have been a bit slow on the uptake for this epic installment from the Lonely Island guys and perhaps a bit cynical about the inclusion of Michael Bolton.. But how wrong I was! As if other songs with JT, Nicky Minaj and Jessica Alba weren... by Sam
  • 17 Nov 2011

    A toast sandwich?! Really?

    According to various news sources (no pun intended), the UKs cheapest lunchtime meal is a toast sandwich. Yes that's right, a toast sandwich. Who the hell is making toast sandwiches?  The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) announced their ... by Sam
  • 17 Nov 2011

    Hey it's Ollie Phillips!

    I was chilling and watching the Oxford University Blues take on the Major Stanley's last night when I noticed Stade Francais and England 7s legend Ollie Phillips amongst the crowd. Obviously I had to get a cheeky photo with Ollie, but as with m... by Sam
  • 17 Nov 2011

    Wednesday Song of The Week - Maverick Sabre - I Need

    My first impression of Maverick Sabre was "he has a awesome voice" and then I saw a picture of him and didn't believe it was him singing! This was kind of the same thought process I went through with Plan B (a firm DTP favourite) becaus... by Sam
  • 15 Nov 2011

    Great deleted scenes from Idiot Abroad 2!

    So Idiot Abroad 2 came to a conclusion last weekend and I have found myself watching repeats because it is simply brilliant! Karl Pilkington, idiot or otherwise, is a comic genius and you can tell from the odd wry smile that he knows it. The art... by Sam
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