• 03 Feb 2011

    Interactive Starbucks Storefront Invites Touching

    Starbucks locations in Toronto and Vancouver are beckoning passersby with an interactive window display promoting Tazo Tea. The touch-sensitive screens let curious pedestrians guide a hummingbird, dragon or butterfly on a journey to find the teas&r... by Worzy
  • 02 Feb 2011

    England team to face Wales. Initial thoughts

    So today Martin Johnson named his team to play Wales in the opening game of the 2011 Six Nations this Friday in Cardiff. Now the team was bound to have some changes due to the injuries to the likes of Lawes, Moody and Croft, but these are my initial ... by Sam
  • 02 Feb 2011

    Wednesday Song of The Week - Outkast - B.O.B

    Let me just start with deciding how I came about choosing this song. Its now nearly 11pm (UK) and I have got home from an 10 hour shift at work (hence so late) and this came on my iPod during the journey home, completely washing away any parts of the... by Sam
  • 02 Feb 2011

    Guy Dumps His Cheating Girlfriend Live On Radio

    This is one of the harshest/funniest things I've heard in a while. The suspense that is created by the presenter before just makes this work! Check out the uncontrolled giggles in the background.... by Worzy
  • 02 Feb 2011


    Don't know why but this classic jumped into my head.  I thought I had to share it again! Over 50 million views on youtube can't lie!... by Worzy
  • 01 Feb 2011

    UK rugby players moving overseas. A bad thing?

    In the last few weeks there has been a surge in what is unfortunately becoming far more common in modern British rugby. The growing tide of players moving to France, attracted by lucrative contracts and a different style of play that is personified b... by Sam
  • 28 Jan 2011

    Piano Placement!

    I noticed this stunt on the news the other day and felt the need to share! A 16 year old boy secretly placed a burnt out piano on a permanent sandbar in Miami as a project to boost his bid for a university place. But he probably didn't expect suc... by Sam
  • 26 Jan 2011

    Is iPad ready for space?

    So, iPad along with other mobile devices have accelerometers in them to read change in orientation.  But what happens if you remove gravity from the equation? Well check the video to see the first weightless iPad to find out.... by Worzy
  • 26 Jan 2011

    Beat boxing hero!

    Came across this guy on youtube.  Covering some classic tunes with beat boxing! Love it!... by Worzy
  • 26 Jan 2011

    Escaping Panda!

    Decided to post this just because it makes me chuckle!... by Sam
  • 26 Jan 2011

    Wednesday Song of the Week - Ellie Goulding - Lights

    Just at the end of 2010 Ellie Goulding re-released her debut album Lights with new tracks and a new title Bright Lights. As one of the new album tracks Lights is the first new song to be released in 2011 and its pretty damn good.  I actua... by Sam
  • 21 Jan 2011

    Snort a dead man's ashes? No thanks

    Well most of us might say that, but some foolish burglars in Florida proceeded to try and snort some of the ashes of a man and two dogs after stealing them from the daughter of the bloke! The thieves nicked the urn along with some electrical stu... by Sam
  • 21 Jan 2011

    First food, next the World!

    I saw this comedy packaging for a product in my local Chinese supermarket and had to take a picture! Can't say I know what the food inside was (think it might have been chocolate?!?!?) but the packet was A******... by Sam
  • 21 Jan 2011

    Tune for the Weekend!

    I don't normally post up that much music other than our Song of the Week, but I heard this earlier today and it just hit me as a great song that makes me feel like going out and partying. I haven't really heard much Chromeo before, ... by Sam
  • 19 Jan 2011

    Wednesday Song of the Week - Magnetic Man ft. John Legend - Getting Nowhere

    Wow is all I could think when I discovered this song! Not only does this bring together two artists who excel in their respective fields, but it does so in a way that is both seamless and quality. In what is one of the most unlikely combinations th... by Sam
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