• 17 Feb 2011

    Magnetic Man ft Katy B Live Lounge

    Skipping through YouTube I just discovered this video of the Magnetic Man Radio 1 live lounge for the former single Perfect Stranger featuring Katy B.  If haven't heard this live lounge then I urge you to take a look, the combination ... by Sam
  • 16 Feb 2011

    Dead Island Trailer

    What's the only thing that kills a vacation faster than screaming children on the airplane? Bloodthirsty zombies. I first thought, oh man, another Zombie game to add to the endless collection. But after watching the cleverly put together trailer ... by Worzy
  • 13 Feb 2011

    MPs want iPads

    Stange to believe really, but a few days after former MP Jim Devine was found guilty of using false invoices to claim £8,385 of expenses, there is now talk of MPs being given Apple iPads to "save money". The House of Commons Admi... by Sam
  • 10 Feb 2011

    Keenan Cahill & David Guetta Megamix!

    A few months back my partner in crime posted up the Keenan Cahill & 50 Cent video that seemed to mark Cahill's peak of stardom. Well how wrong we were! Since the 50 Cent video, Cahill has gone on to feature on MTV, Chelsea Lately and now in... by Sam
  • 10 Feb 2011

    The ultimate feel good video?

    I think that this is without a doubt one of the best feel-good videos on the web EVER. Seriously no joke! Matt Harding from Conneticut US is a video game designer who quit his job after saying that he "didn't want to spend two years o... by Sam
  • 10 Feb 2011

    Ladyboy flight attendants

    Yep your eyes are not deceving you. A new Thai airline called PC Air, I'm not sure if the PC stands for Politically Correct, has been hiring ladyboys to work as attendants on their flights. Now I'm not against this idea or having a go at tran... by Sam
  • 09 Feb 2011

    Twitter Powered Car!

    This is just awesome, a car powered by twitter!  This was all to do with a race where the contestants car was powered by tweets for them.  Check out the website for more details on how the race went down. http://www.mbtweetrace.com/merced... by Worzy
  • 09 Feb 2011

    Wednesday Song of the Week - Nero - Me and You

    I really cannot stop listening to this track from Nero.  When I first heard the intro I thought it was the work of Pendulum, but as the song progresses you realise that Nero have their own unique sound which really works. Spotify Link: Ne... by Worzy
  • 08 Feb 2011

    Fox hunting isn't funny. But this is

    Well they say its survival of the fittest. But turns out it might be survival of the smartest!  Talk about the Fantastic Mr. Fox!... by Sam
  • 08 Feb 2011

    The Script. Please stop your f**king whining!

    Today I have had a pretty good day. A long shift at work and quite tired by the end of it but I was in good spirits heading home. That was until I put on the radio and I was subjected to the whiney, bland tones of The Script. I never used to have a... by Sam
  • 08 Feb 2011

    Depressing Google

    A while ago google added auto complete suggestions to the search.  Most of the time this presents me with what I'm looking for.  Today I begin to search by typing "how can I tell", the result retured were just depressing and s... by Worzy
  • 07 Feb 2011

    Kim Kardashian makes trainers sexy

    I never thought I'd type those words. But daaaaaaamn! In case you weren't watching the Super Bowl last night, take a look at the Sketchers primetime advert featuring Ms. Kardashian.... by Sam
  • 06 Feb 2011

    Epic Mealtime Superbowl Special

    If your not already subscribed to the Epic Mealtime channel on YouTube then you are missing out on weekly instalments of meaty madness! I have posted up one of their videos before but this one is absolutely crackers! Be sure to watch it right to the ... by Sam
  • 06 Feb 2011

    UEA Ziggurats hit The Streets

    Not literally hit because that would hurt. But I was very excited to see the well known student accommodation of University of East Anglia (the Dont Trust Pandas team alma mater) featuring on the new album cover of The Streets. These horrid buil... by Sam
  • 04 Feb 2011

    Foursquare for sex

    Great parody of Foursquare's checking in service! Remember don't check in without protection!  ... by Worzy
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