• 23 May 2011

    Twickenham 7s Cheerleaders for the win!

    I felt the need to share this experience with everyone that wasn't lucky enough to be at the IRB London 7s at the weekend. Not only was there some excellent rugby on show (except England), but there was also Baywatch themed cheerleaders to help p... by Sam
  • 23 May 2011

    Cinema Fail

    I saw this while I was out & about last week and I had to post it up. Love the fact that they don't have 3D technology at this cinema, but they do have some spare numbers around to cover up that fact!... by Sam
  • 11 May 2011

    Wednesday Song of The Week - Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

    We have featured the Two Door Cinema Club before as one of our mid week tunes, but this had to be a featured track just because of the energy! This group have enjoyed a pretty meteoric rise to fame in the last six months and with festival season on t... by Sam
  • 11 May 2011

    Facebook Russian Roulette

    Would you risk your facebook life for a chance to win a holiday?  The students envisioned a microsite where groups of four Facebook friends would hand over their login credentials in a game of virtual Russian roulette. One unlucky participant ... by Worzy
  • 10 May 2011

    Kilian Martin.. The new Rodney Mullen?

    This guy is phenomenal! Madrid native Kilian Martin has been taking freestyle skating by the horns (excuse the Spanish pun) and changing skating to produce a combination of street & freestyle that I've never seen anything like! The closest ... by Sam
  • 09 May 2011


    Hello! Welcome all, it's a pleasure to contribute my experiences as I bimble through life. My two line bio: 1. I'm Karl 2. According to Wikipedia, I'm an aggressive narcissist Anyway, that's enough about me. Onto the post. ... by Karl
  • 09 May 2011

    Danny Woodhead.. Shop Assistant!

    After having watched Hard Knocks featuring the New York Jets last season I really took a liking to Danny Woodhead, a player who plays beyond his size and with a lot of heart. I was kinda hoping the Chargers would pick him up as a cheaper replacement ... by Sam
  • 09 May 2011

    Awesome Skittles Advert!

    This is my favourite advert on TV at the moment! I presume it has come over from the US where some of my favourite advertising campaigns in recent times have, such as Old Spice and Dicks Sporting Goods (with Darrelle Revis)!  But this is absol... by Sam
  • 07 May 2011

    Stormtrooper Hustle!

    Stormtroopers. The epitomy of seriousness, the bringers of death to all that oppose the Empire. And Awesome dancers it turns out! The video below is one I filmed at our rugby club dinner (70's theme) when one of the lads decided to show off... by Sam
  • 05 May 2011

    New York taxis lacking style?

    Whenever I think of my visits to New York I think of 2 things: 1. The awesome food 2. The hellraising journey I had in a cab while being jabbered at by a driver who spent more time looking at us! IT WAS AWESOME! But I've just seen in t... by Sam
  • 05 May 2011

    Song of the Week - Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

    No this isn't some terrible Public Enemy cover, this is the Beastie Boys back to their in your face loudness that epitomises an extensive music career. While there is a lot of focus on NYC at the moment (what with all that Bin Laden stuff), the w... by Sam
  • 02 May 2011

    Fox news announce Obama is dead

    I love comedy TV slip ups especially when it comes to the news.  A news anchor in america annouced live that the president had been killed! Just so you're not alarmed by reading this the president is fine and it is in fact Osama Bin Laden ... by Worzy
  • 27 Apr 2011

    Wednesday Song of The Week - Justice - Civilization

    This has to be my favourite Song of the Week that we have had for some time! French duo Gaspard Augé & Xavier de Rosnay AKA Justice are back with the first single from their sophomore album which is due to hit the shops later thi... by Sam
  • 26 Apr 2011

    2011 Mock Draft

    It's taken me until the week before the draft, but finally I have finished our 2011 mock draft! Check it out and leave some comments. 1. Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton (QB, Auburn) This is really going out on a limb because even the ... by Sam
  • 25 Apr 2011

    Towelie meets Munster players

    Possibly the most random video I have ever seen on YouTube, but i suppose that is part of the fun of it! Watching Donncha O'Callaghan chatting to a life size Towelie has started my Bank Holiday Monday in a great way! Its silly but check it out... by Sam
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