• 11 May 2011

    Facebook Russian Roulette

    Would you risk your facebook life for a chance to win a holiday?  The students envisioned a microsite where groups of four Facebook friends would hand over their login credentials in a game of virtual Russian roulette. One unlucky participant ... by Worzy
  • 05 May 2011

    New York taxis lacking style?

    Whenever I think of my visits to New York I think of 2 things: 1. The awesome food 2. The hellraising journey I had in a cab while being jabbered at by a driver who spent more time looking at us! IT WAS AWESOME! But I've just seen in t... by Sam
  • 01 Apr 2011

    Gmail Motion BETA. Advancing email

    In a world that is dominated by touch screen computers, motion sensitive gaming and smart phones. Gmail are now taking it to the next level with Gmail Motion BETA. This video will give you an introductory look at what it is all about and the image ... by Sam
  • 28 Mar 2011

    Latest online startup promises the perfect online girlfriend

      One of the latest trends in the tech world at the moment is cloud computing. Whether its web based software or companies sharing resource “in the cloud”, there are many uses for this idea. A new start-up on the web proposes to ... by Worzy
  • 09 Feb 2011

    Twitter Powered Car!

    This is just awesome, a car powered by twitter!  This was all to do with a race where the contestants car was powered by tweets for them.  Check out the website for more details on how the race went down. http://www.mbtweetrace.com/merced... by Worzy
  • 03 Feb 2011

    Interactive Starbucks Storefront Invites Touching

    Starbucks locations in Toronto and Vancouver are beckoning passersby with an interactive window display promoting Tazo Tea. The touch-sensitive screens let curious pedestrians guide a hummingbird, dragon or butterfly on a journey to find the teas&r... by Worzy
  • 16 Jun 2010

    Those cheeky pandas are everywhere..

    Pandas are tightening their grip on society! Not only are they tricking us into trusting them as cuddly little tykes, they are now branching out into electronics! You can get this sneaky little bastard from your local HMV... by Sam
  • 21 May 2010

    Happy Birthday Pacman

    To celebrate Pacman's 30th Anniversary Google have made the best website logo yet.  Interactive Pacman logo game! Try clicking "insert coin" twice for multiplayer!  The possibilities are endless!... by Worzy
  • 07 Apr 2010

    US Researchers Unveil Robot!

    THAT FOLDS TOWELS...... Yes our friends across the pond have been using the latest technology to create a robot that helps with the laundry. Now I am no science boffin but surely there could be a much more valuable use for this technology su... by Sam