• 26 Sep 2011

    Mental Dub Step Weetabix Advert

    The last few Weetabix adverts have been obviously very boring, the last one I remember was a man sitting in a deckchair reading the side of a van.  Not so exciting and inventive I think you'll agree. This new product, obviously aimed at th... by Worzy
  • 17 Jul 2011

    The Apprentice.. A summary

    Jim..  Susie... by Sam
  • 09 May 2011

    Awesome Skittles Advert!

    This is my favourite advert on TV at the moment! I presume it has come over from the US where some of my favourite advertising campaigns in recent times have, such as Old Spice and Dicks Sporting Goods (with Darrelle Revis)!  But this is absol... by Sam