• 15 Feb 2013

    Meteorite explosion/impact in Russia, video compilation

    So a meteorite flared across the sky in Russia earlier on this morning.  We've decided to compile a list of media of this spectacular event. You can see it at 4:30 and hear the explosion at 7:00.... by Worzy
  • 20 Apr 2011

    Skynet goes live!!

    Just to let you all know according to The Terminator Skynet goes operational and self aware tonight... might switch the laptop off just to be on the safe side!  ... by Meme
  • 26 Jan 2011

    Is iPad ready for space?

    So, iPad along with other mobile devices have accelerometers in them to read change in orientation.  But what happens if you remove gravity from the equation? Well check the video to see the first weightless iPad to find out.... by Worzy
  • 24 Apr 2010

    New mode of water transportation!

    This is clearly what we all need to be purchasing then we wont have to wait for days for a ferry or train to cross the channel next time there is a giant volcanic ash cloud!... by Meme
  • 29 Mar 2010

    Yorkshire space exploration

    Possibly the best piece of science news that I have heard in ages. A bloke in West Yorkshire with a budget of £500 has taken pictures from space, showing the curvature of the earth, that rival those taken by NASA.... by Sam