• 07 Oct 2012

    Snoop Dogg loves Barack Obama

    As if the Samuel L Jackson video in support of Barack Obama wasn't good enough, now hip hop legend Snoop Dogg has come out in support of the imcumbent President. Two days ago Mr Dogg posted a picture (below) via Instagram listing reasons not... by Sam
  • 30 Sep 2012

    Samuel L Jackson is backing Obama

    In what will perhaps be one of the most bizarre pre-election videos ever, Samuel L Jackson has taken things into his own hands in order to spurn on the crowds on apathetic US voters. The contrast between "Yes We Can" and "Wake The F*... by Sam
  • 22 Mar 2011

    Lets hope the appeal committee says no..

    Former Labour MP David Chaytor is appealing his 18 month prison sentence for tampering his expenses records in order to claim £20,000. How on earth can he think that he deserves to be let of out prison early for misrepresenting his constiuents ... by Sam
  • 17 Feb 2011

    The Coalition Can't See the Wood for the Trees

    In what is probably one of the funnier u-turns that the coalition has made since it came into power last May, David Cameron announced today that the government will NOT be selling off 40,000 acres of public owned forrests and parks. Hurrah! When... by Sam
  • 13 Feb 2011

    MPs want iPads

    Stange to believe really, but a few days after former MP Jim Devine was found guilty of using false invoices to claim £8,385 of expenses, there is now talk of MPs being given Apple iPads to "save money". The House of Commons Admi... by Sam
  • 28 Apr 2010

    The Independent encourages debate

    On Monday night I was lucky enough to go along to a live panel debate in Oxford being hosted by The Independent newspaper. One of many that have taken place in Brighton, Cambridge, London, Birmingham and now Oxford, as part of the papers re-branding ... by Sam
  • 23 Apr 2010

    The Truth

    So we have already been bombarded with they said this, he did that school playground politics already! With many of the national papers going on the attack to the left right and center it seems that yet again the media is going to have an undue amoun... by Meme
  • 20 Apr 2010

    The Cameron Girls!! (JUST PLAIN SICK!)

    This is official the CREEPIEST election based video ever!!!!   IT IS JUST WRONG!!... by Meme
  • 11 Mar 2010

    To catch a thief... Or four

    So today Elliot Morley, David Chaytor, Jim Devine and Lord Hanningfield stood in front of the Westminster magistrates and pleaded not-guilty to charges related to their expenses claims. I can hardly understand how any of them have the front to stand ... by Sam