• 20 Feb 2011

    Posties use 2 million rubber bands a day!

    How crazy is that? Its absolutely staggering the figures in the news today that the UK postal service uses 2 million red rubber bands a day to go about their business. The figures were published in the Daily Telegraph courtesy of the Freedom of Infor... by Sam
  • 09 Jan 2011

    Worlds Biggest Tuna Sells for £254,000!

    The worlds biggest blue fin tuna which weighs a huge 342kg, has sold for £254,000 at auction! The fish was caught off the coast of the Northern island of Japan and went on sale at the world's largest fish market in Japan. The winning bidd... by Sam
  • 01 Jan 2011

    Happy New Year!

    ... by Sam
  • 29 Dec 2010

    Why shouldn't you trust pandas? Because sometimes they aren't pandas!

    As proven by the researchers at the Wolong National Nature reserve in China, where they dress up as adult pandas to help prepare the cubs for the wild..  Although how putting them in a plastic box I don't know. For more on this cr... by Sam
  • 12 Dec 2010

    Ridiculous Christmas Lights

    I was just on my way home when I see a becon of light up ahead!  I thought that maybe there was a fire or something.  But as I come around the corner it is the largest amount of Christmas lights I have even seen.  They had even put... by Worzy
  • 06 Dec 2010

    Jackass comes of age?

    A few weeks ago I took a trip to the cinema to re-live some of the teenage memories of watching (and trying to emulate) the antics of the Jackass & CKY boys. Whilst the film did not disappoint with highlights that included midget fights, rocky re... by Sam
  • 13 May 2010

    Google have to much time on their hands!

    ... by Worzy
  • 22 Apr 2010

    Worlds Greatest Waterslide

    So the summer is coming and we all want to spend more time outdoors! Some of us are having flash backs to waterslides in the back garden! That long skinny bit of plastic, the HUGE amounts of fairy liquid and ruining the lawn your dad was so proud of!... by Meme
  • 22 Apr 2010

    Most Addictivest Website Ever

    Anyone who ever went to some of the old rating style websites (Rate my kitten, tattoo, sick) is going to love the next gen of those sites. MOST AWESOMEST THING EVER is a one on one rating system where users can rate almost anything against anything. ... by Alex
  • 01 Apr 2010

    Worlds First DIY Carbon Freezing Kit!!

    Just came across this item that has just been added to firebox.com.  It has finally arrived, be one of the first people to be cryogenically frozen for 5-30 years! Making a complete Han Solo of yourself has never been easier. Or pos... by Worzy
  • 08 Mar 2010

    No pandas were harmed in the making of this blog...

    So the site is up and the blog is working. But you might be thinking what the hell is this about?... by Sam