• 18 Jan 2013

    Pandalf from Lord of the Rings

    Pandalf from Lord of the Rings! :-)... by Worzy
  • 23 May 2012

    Pepsi and Uncle Drew

    Now I don't usually care for basketball, unless it's ridiculous trick shots or the Harlem Globetrotters! But my god did Pepsi pull one off with this excellent advert. Taking in the skills of 2011 - 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving a... by Sam
  • 18 May 2012

    Marriott London 7s 2012 - The pictures

    It has become somewhat of a tradition for the DTP team to attend the London 7s.. We've done it as superheros, in beachwear and this year it was 70's disco themed.  But we decided to thing somewhat outside the box and go dressed as Zipp... by Sam
  • 29 Apr 2012

    Sweet Brown auto-tune remix

    This has got to be one of the best auto-tuned videos on YouTube at the moment. Without question! This had me in tears the first time I watched it. In a similar vein to the Antoine Dodson 'Bed Intruder" song, this remix of Ms Sweet Brown... by Sam
  • 31 Jan 2012

    Rejected! Lady snatches Djokovic's shirt from the grasp of a young girl

    So Djokovic continued his dominance in the tennis world last week with his epic final set victory over Nadal.  But instead of showing you any tennis clips we're going to show you this.  Check out the skills of this lady rejecting a youn... by Worzy
  • 30 Nov 2011

    Lonely Island + Michael Bolton = Genius

    I might have been a bit slow on the uptake for this epic installment from the Lonely Island guys and perhaps a bit cynical about the inclusion of Michael Bolton.. But how wrong I was! As if other songs with JT, Nicky Minaj and Jessica Alba weren... by Sam
  • 15 Nov 2011

    Great deleted scenes from Idiot Abroad 2!

    So Idiot Abroad 2 came to a conclusion last weekend and I have found myself watching repeats because it is simply brilliant! Karl Pilkington, idiot or otherwise, is a comic genius and you can tell from the odd wry smile that he knows it. The art... by Sam
  • 15 Nov 2011

    Our top 10 funny animals!

    If you have nothing better to do then YouTube can provide some amazing comedy gold, just by searching for "funny animals".  Believe it or not I've seen a lot of these videos over the years so thought I would put together the Don&... by Sam
  • 31 Oct 2011

    Deion Sanders comedy gold!

    I'm on the corner of 21st and Prime.. Oh wait actually I'm in Oxford Now Deion Sanders was without question one of the best cornerbacks to play in the NFL, but he is also known for being somewhat excentric, over the top and a bit ridiculous... by Sam
  • 08 Sep 2011

    Batman uses chat roulette or is it?

    Chat roulette is a strange thing, been on it once and it put me off forever!  But every now and again some comedy genius comes up and does something like this!   Is that...Batman??... by Worzy
  • 10 Aug 2011

    Girly drinks rap

    For all the guys out there that like a cocktail or two every now and again, this one is for you!... by Worzy
  • 24 Jul 2011

    Jon LaJoie "Hand's" Commercial

    Here at Don't Trust Pandas we are a big fan of Jon LaJoie and also The League, both providing plenty of belly shakin laughs. But the award for randomness has to go to LaJoie for his string of amazing YouTube videos! One of his best offerings... by Sam
  • 11 Jul 2011


    Possibly one of the best things I've ever seen trending on Twitter. And the possibilities! They are truly endless. Some of my favourites It's a Wonderful Life in My Pants Honey IShrunk the Kids in My Pants Men Who Stare at Goat... by Sam
  • 09 Jul 2011

    Annoying Gamble

    Well what did he expect would happen? Well played Karl, well played... by Sam
  • 10 Jun 2011

    Leicester City Council not ready for zombies!

    Haha yes that is the subject of this blog! A worried citizen of Leicester has used a Freedom of Information Request to expose the lack of preparation that Leicester City Council has undertaken to deal with a zombie invasion! Check out the letter... by Sam
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