• 17 Apr 2013

    The movie World War Z has zombie cats!

    From IMDB "United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself." What splits this apart from other ... by Worzy
  • 23 Oct 2012

    Iron Man 3 Trailer Released!!

    Who said Tuesdays are worthless? Well me until I released that they were releasing the first Iron Man 3 trailer today! Unfortunately it's not quite what I'd call a 'trailer' per se, as it's only 2:01 long and hashed together. But ... by Sam
  • 23 Oct 2011

    The Avengers trailer!

    How have I only just seen this?!?! I managed to go 11 days before I found this bad boy! Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and Samuel L Jackson talking smack whilst wearing an eye patch. Fuck yes... by Sam
  • 28 Aug 2011

    Bad boys.. Bad boys! Whatcha gonna do?

    Bad Boys 2.. What an amazing film. No messing about with a complex plot but just lots of blowing shit up and generally insensitive banter! This film is the dogs, but this is easily the best scene! Poor Reggie... by Sam
  • 02 Dec 2010

    Don't waste 103 minutes of your life on London Boulevard

    Earlier today one of my friends suggest that we go to the cinema and use an Orange Wednesday, excellent I thought, but "to see what?" I text him. Shortly after sending that text I got sent a link on Facebook to a trailer of London Boule... by Sam
  • 21 Jul 2010

    Sharktopus Trailer!

    What do you get if you combine a Shark and an Octopus?  Yes that's right a killing machine called...Sharktopus!  This straight to TV moive has an awesome looking new trailer...... by Worzy
  • 19 Apr 2010

    Star Wars the Musical (sort of!)

    As a huge Star Wars fan ( I am  wearing a t shirt with Luke and Leaih's faces on the front as a write this!) I feel not enough people understand the true awesomeness of these films! However this guy is goes above and beyond love for these EP... by Meme
  • 06 Apr 2010

    Iron Man 2 release date!

    I was at the cinema last night and couldn't help notice there is now an official release date for Iron Man 2, April 30th!  The second instalment of the Iron Man series includes new faces in Mickey Rourke (sporting a terrible Russian ... by Sam
  • 06 Apr 2010

    Action Movie Heaven

    Film studios. They give us so much crap, but every once in a while they pull out all the stops and decide that the film going public needs to have a shot of adrenaline right into the heart, Pulp Fiction style. If you feel the same way then here... by Alex