• 01 Jan 2012

    The NFL are at it again

    The NFL just can't stop plaxidentally making racist faux pas.... by Sam
  • 15 Nov 2011

    Harry Potter fail

    Good old Alan Rickman taking some flack! Love it... by Sam
  • 04 Jul 2011

    I am going to "unfriend" you

    Have the Facebook terms gone too far in real life?  When you are angry with someone, or you split up with your partner.  When did saying, "I'm going to unfriend you" become acceptable?  People like Greyson Chance really... by Worzy
  • 02 May 2011

    Fox news announce Obama is dead

    I love comedy TV slip ups especially when it comes to the news.  A news anchor in america annouced live that the president had been killed! Just so you're not alarmed by reading this the president is fine and it is in fact Osama Bin Laden ... by Worzy